personalised styling & shopping service
1-1 Personal Styling
Let's create unique style and wardrobe that will make you look as good as you feel.

"I want my image to be as put together as my life is."
You are a successful and ambitious woman and you are ready for your style to match your success.

You may have recently levelled up in your career or business, and you want your style and image to reflect this new chapter.

You want to know what suits you now, what would make you look and feel good and confident in your body, and you want your external self to reflect how you feel inside.

You want style that is elevated, chic and professional, yet practical for your lifestyle and comfortable for everyday busy life.
You want to own the room in the business meeting and wow your partner, feel put together running errands and look stunning and truly yourself at any event.

You are done settling for outfits that belong to another you from the past, you don't want boring and average style, you are ready to shine in every area of your life.

These are usually the clients and the requests and I work with:
    You want to look put together, and to have a style that demonstrates the pro that you are. You may also want to look your age and your wage)

    You want a wardrobe, which is professional and practical, yet stylish, not boring, and you want ready-to-use outfits, so no time is wasted in the morning.

    You want to feel comfortable, confident and at ease in your body and your style, so you can focus on your career.
    You are the face of your business, and you want to look and feel like a boss CEO.

    You want your style to represent your brand, your clothes to make the right statement, and your wardrobe to serve you not only in the brand photoshoots or public events, but in an everyday life too.

    You want your style to reflect your personality too, so you can show up as your most authentic self.
Your results after working together:
    Intentional style that represents you, conveys the right image and feels truly authentic to you.

    Your personal outfits guidebook will be your reference point when getting dressed - you won't need to waste time trying on this and that, you can just pick any outfit you'd like to wear from the suggestions.

    You will get pieces that fit and flatter you, your body & work for your life. You will get to appreciate the quality and cohesiveness of your new wardrobe, which will look and feel amazing.

    From now on, you will know exactly what to pick moving forward and how to dress your body in a way you love. You will know what is appropriate to wear for different occasions and what goes with what.
    Online Personal Styling & Shopping
    This is what you get as part of the service:
    • 1. Your personal shopping stylebook with a capsule of hand-picked mix & match items for you
      You will receive your personal digital guidebook with selected clothing pieces that come together in a capsule (it will consist of about 5-6 bottoms, 8-9 tops, 2-3 second layer/outerwear, 1-3 mono pieces (dresses, jumpsuits..), 3-4 shoes, 4-6 accessories (incl. bags).

      Each piece is individually chosen for you to flatter your body and match your style goals (based on the color analysis, body shape analysis and your preferences).
      All the items in the capsule are to mix & match to give you plenty of outfits options.
    • 2. Personalised style recommendations for colors, clothing pieces, styling options and silhouettes
      You personal style book will also include recommended colors for you (with my color analysis of you), styling options, silhouettes and clothing pieces specifically for your complexion, your silhouette and given your preferences.

      This will be an extremely helpful guidance for you whenever you choose to shop in the future because you will be equipped with a clear guidance on the styles that will flatter you in a way you like.
    • 3. Your Personal Outfits Guidebook
      You will also receive a virtual guidebook, where you will see 50+ outfits you can use out of your capsule - pick whatever you want to wear from this guidebook, no need to stress in the morning about what to wear - you have ready to use outfits!
      (see a small example here)
    • 4. Video Walkthrough of your Capsule, Personalized Style Recommendations & Outfits
      Whether you want to wear lots of color, or want to introduce just a few colors into your wardrobe, now you will know how. Side effect - your wardrobe will become so much more fun, inspiring and enjoyable and it can become a signature of your personal brand.
    • 4. 1 month style support after you receive your online purchases (email/voxer/zoom)
      This is virtual styling, where you can ask any questions regarding your new pieces or outfits, get my recommendations on anything style and fashion-related. Usually, my clients send me daily pictures of their outfits for some additional feedback.
    • 5. Feedback on clothing pieces you already own
      You will get my feedback on the pieces you already own (up to 20 pieces) and that you'd like to be part of the capsule. This is also a great way to ensure I don't include something similar to what you already have. These pieces could be included in the outfit combinations with the new pieces too.

    Your Investment - $7997 US

    Click the button below to fill in a quick application and schedule a 30-min. call to discuss your goals and if working together could be a great fit.
    How We Will Work Together
    Style Questionnaire
    After the initial style strategy call,
    I will email you a style questionnaire for you to fill in (with questions related to your body, your style preferences & your lifestyle) to ensure that I pick the pieces that work best for you.
    You will also need to send me a few pictures of you (detailed info is included!), so I can do a color analysis, see your body type and pick what would work for you.
    I welcome more information from you via Voxer (voice messages) for more clarity on your goals and needs.
    Personal style book & Outfits guidebook
    Once I receive all the info from you, I will work on the body & color analysis, and the initial selection of pieces. You will get your personalised digital style book via email.

    We will get in touch (Zoom or Voxer) to discuss any questions or comments you may have on the capsule. In case you would want to change anything, it is totally possible. We would agree on all the pieces before you proceed to order them online.
    Virtual Fitting via Zoom/Voxer/Email
    Once you've agreed on all the pieces, you order them online, and send me pictures once they arrive. We will discuss all the fits, style options, any of your questions, etc. to make sure you love every piece.
    Further Style Support
    You will benefit from a 1 month style support (in a way you prefer - via email/voxer/zoom) after the virtual fitting.
    You can ask any questions regarding your new pieces or outfits, get my recommendations on anything style and fashion-related. In case, you feel you would want to add another 1-2 pieces, this is possible too.
    I work with ambitious women worldwide,
    and this is what they say:
    "I feel so put together, my body looks amazing in clothes now, and I'm very very happy and confident wearing all my new outfits".

    Sabba is a lawyer from London, who went through personal changes and she wanted her outfits to reflect her new confident and happy state.

    We've worked together on putting a fall-winter capsule for her (you will see some of her outfits in the video), and she shared her experience of working with a personal stylist (me!).
    Sabba, a lawyer from London, talks about her experience of working on her style
    • Nadine J.
      Management Consultant, Germany
      Nina was recommended to me by one of her clients and my friend. I'm personally not so much into fashion, but for my work it's important that I create a good impression with my appearance, and since I don't have much time, nor desire to do shopping myself, I applied for her services.

      Let me tell you - it's been my best investment so far! I was impressed how she could understand me and what I need, and pick something that would work so well. I loved the pieces she choose for me (I tried the brands I never heard of, but their quality was outstanding), and my overall wardrobe. Should have done that much earlier! Highly recommend if you are willing to have functional wardrobe.

      Services used: Online Style Consultation, Online Personal Shopping
    • Rebecca F.
      Entrepreneur, USA
      I reached out to Nina among many other stylists with the request to create a set of outfits for the upcoming photoshoot for my personal brand. During the initial call, I was stunned with her sharp recommendations - she grasped my concept right away and pointed out a few things for the photoshoot that I didn't even think of.

      I really liked the capsule she prepared for me - on point with my brand, location, and my vision. I couldn't have chosen those pieces myself and in such a short time.
      Our collaboration was smooth, pleasant and productive, will definitely get back to her for future work.

      Services used: Online Personal Shopping for Brand Photoshoot
    • Xenia A.
      Investment Manager, Switzerland
      I have a very big closet and I love fashion, but I always wear only a small part of my clothes because I stick to default choices. I was curious to see whether we can work online and do something with my closet.

      My assistant took all the pictures of my clothes, and Nina created new stunning outfits for me. Was pretty impressive. She gave me the list with what I was missing, thus we shopped a bit more together.

      Thank you for your work and professionalism, it was a real pleasure working with you, you've helped me create my dream wardrobe and make a system out of it. Will come back!

      Services used: Wardrobe Edit, Online Personal Shopping
    About Nina Walder
    Hi! My name is Nina Walder.
    I'm super excited to welcome you here and guide you on this style journey.

    As a personal stylist and creator of online style programs, I've helped hundreds of women achieve their next level success through better style & intentional wardrobe. It is my true passion to help women look and feel the most confident and best version of themselves.

    In a nutshell:
    • Certified fashion stylist and image-consultant
    • Creator of the online Style Accelerator
    • I believe a great style is available for any woman - no matter body size or shape, where you live or where you shop, or anything else. It is a skill that you can develop and use to your advantage.
    • Entrepreneur with 10 years of experience, holder of Bachelor's and Master's in International Business, so I understand the power of style in business and use it every day myself-)
    • More on my story in the About page >
    Got any questions?
    — Is there a specific budget I need to have in order to work with you 1-1?

    — You set the budget you are comfortable with and there is no pressure! I can work with any budget and have had clients who were willing to shop only in mass market and invest a bit more in accessories, and clients who wanted only designer pieces. However, most want high quality classic pieces that they can wear for quite a few years and treat this purchase as an investment in them.

    On average, my clients set a budget in the range of $7-12K. If you'd like to get a couple of designer bags and shoes to go with your capsule, it can be a bit more.

    We discuss and set the budget up front, and I select the stores and items that perfectly fit your criteria.
    — I like your style, but I don't want to wear that much color/dresses (insert anything else)..

    — It's great if you like my style, but it doesn't mean that I will dress you in the same way!

    The capsule and the pieces are fully personalised to you, to your goals and lifestyle. It is an in-depth collaboration, where I get to understand what you want and need, and hand-select the pieces accordingly. The goal is to create new wardrobe and style, which will feel authentic, effortless and truly like you.

    If you don't like something in the capsule, there is no problem, it could be changed for another piece. My goal is to make sure you love absolutely every piece in your capsule.

    — What happens if I don't like some of the pieces that you selected for me?

    — That's no problem, I will select another ones for you.

    It also happens sometimes, that you like everything, but when it arrives, something doesn't fit, and I will then look for alternatives for you. This is part of the process, no need to worry about that.

    — I have a very special body figure and even myself I always struggle with choosing pieces that fit. Will you be able to help?

    — This is a common request my clients come to me with. I've been trained and more importantly, have had experience working with very different body shapes & sizes, so I'm confident that I will be able to choose the pieces that will flatter your body.
    Interested in working with Nina?
    Do you have any other questions or want to make sure this service is a right fit for you?

    Message me at hello [@] or on Instagram here at any time.
    I can't wait to hear from you!
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