Want to look & feel
your best self in every area
of your life?
I help ambitious women like you to match your success in professional & personal life with how you look on the outside.

I help you feel confident in what you wear for any occasion - whether it's for work, a memorable event with your husband, or a playful outing with your child.

All that through my unique method, which allows you to create chic & practical style, get dressed with ease, save time and feel fabulous every time.

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  • The key to feeling confident and beautiful is learning how to dress your body in a way that makes you feel comfortable and empowered.

    There are amazing silhouettes for every body shape & size, you just need to find the ones you like.

    Watch "STYLE YOUR SHAPE" Masterclass and learn powerful practical strategies on how to approach dressing your body with love & confidence.

I am committed to helping you use style as a tool to achieve your personal & professional goals. Together, we'll explore and define your unique style, focusing on what makes you feel confident and more you.

This isn't just about upgrading your wardrobe; it's about elevating your image for every area for your life - so you can look & feel amazing, save time and achieve your goals effortlessly.

Let's work together to create intentional chic & practical style for your life

Ready to transform your style & wardrobe
to match your success?
I work with high-achieving women virtually worldwide, helping them supercharge their style, image & wardrobe for next level success with my unique method.

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Ready for a complete style upgrade? In this transformative high-touch program, we'll level up your style and self-image, making style a secret asset for every area of your life.
Want your image to match your success in the professional setting? To look & feel your most confident self for any work occasion? Then this step-by-step program is for you.
Create exciting new outfits out of your own wardrobe with these stylist's formulas in my bestselling self-study online course.
Embrace and dress your unique body shape with love, ease, and confidence. This is the ultimate course to harmonize your style with your body's beauty in any shape, size and height.
Want to curate an impeccable style for your life and business? Let me be your personal stylist and tailor your look to reflect your true self.
Have specific style questions or dilemmas? Opt for a 3-hour intensive consulting and coaching session and let's dive deep into your style challenges and solutions.
Hundreds of style transformations
& happy clients from all continents:
Have we met yet?
Hi! My name is Nina Walder.
I'm super excited to welcome you here and guide you on this style journey.

As a personal stylist and creator of online style programs, I've helped hundreds of women achieve their next level success through better style & intentional wardrobe. It is my true passion to help women look and feel the most confident and best version of themselves.

In a nutshell:
  • Certified fashion stylist and image-consultant
  • Creator of the online Style Accelerator
  • I believe a great style is available for any woman - no matter body size or shape, where you live or where you shop, or anything else. It is a skill that you can develop and use to your advantage.
  • Entrepreneur with 10 years of experience, holder of Bachelor's and Master's in International Business, so I understand the power of style in business and use it every day myself-)
  • More on my story in the About page
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