Hi, my name is Nina Walder,
it's a pleasure to meet you!
You probably know me as a personal stylist now, but it hasn't always been like that ;)

In fact, I struggled with everything style all throughout my 20-s, which also affected my confidence and self-realisation a lot. And my work now stems from my own challenge with style.

But let me tell you a whole story -

I actually always loved style & fashion, and since I was 16 I've been buying every single edition of Vogue.

Loved it, but I saw how everyone there was dressed in designer fashion head to toe, and it seemed that in order to look good & be stylish, you have to spend a lot.

I believed that and that it was out of reach for me until Instagram came around and I actually saw other women who dressed in the same shops as I did, but they looked so chic and stylish.

I couldn't believe that! My wardrobe consisted of everything black (and very dark shades or grey and blue), I was buying clothes all the time, yet I always wore the same few outfits because I had no idea how to combine clothes. My wardrobe was sooo boring to me, but I didn't know how to do otherwise.

My typical outfits in the past:
Along the way, I also struggled with my body image - I wasn't really overweight, but a lot of clothes I chose made me look bigger than I was, and it was so tricky to figure out how in some clothes I looked lean & tall, and in others - big & short.

Then I thought - no, maybe it's still about brands and the price of your outfits, so let me graduate from mass-market to some more premium brands. I tried that, but my boring outfits didn't go anywhere, they just became more expensive.

And all this 'style & fashion thing' became especially relevant for me when I launched my very first business at 25. I became the face of my brand, and it was important for me to look the part.

I actually managed to put together a few presentable outfits (all in dark shades still), but in my normal life I still felt miserable with my wardrobe. Especially, in the areas outside of my work - I had zero casual looks for my normal daily activities.
Alongside my desire to have my work more connected to visual expression, I decided to take charge of my style.

When I couldn't take it anymore - spending so much money on clothes, yet having zero style and having such a gap between the woman I wanted to be and how I actually looked, and being upset on most days with what I saw in the mirror, I finally decided to learn style. Not from Youtube or with some quick tips here and there, but in a proper course.

I actually thought to myself - "as a business owner, whenever I'm stuck at something, I invest in taking a course or working with a coach, why not do the same with style?

Especially since it is an area of my life that is important for me - I do get dressed every day. The way I see myself and how I like (or dislike) my reflection in the mirror impacts literally all other areas of my life, so let's do it!"
The more I learned about style and experimented with clothes, the more I realised how it is actually attainable.
For instance, when you understand colors, it becomes so easy to mix clothes. Or when you understand the proportions, and what makes an outfit interesting and cohesive, it's fun and effortless to put outfits together. And it doesn't matter where you shop!
If anything, I really wished I could have learned that earlier, it would save me years of frustration.
But beyond cute outfits something interesting started to happen - I felt very empowered with style. It brought a lot of joy and fun to my life - to be able to look my best every day, to express myself, to dress for my mood or for the impression I want to make. And most importantly, it was the ultimate self-confidence boost.
So, that's how my love story with style began. It made so much difference for me, so I naturally wanted for other women to experience the same, because I knew I wasn't alone with my struggles.

I started helping friends, family and acquaintances with their style and outfits. Loved it too and I saw that I could actually do that not just for myself, but for other people too. At that time, I took a style training for stylists, because then you need to go much deeper into different all style topics - understanding intricacies of all body shapes, psychology, client work, etc. I worked pro-bono with quite a few clients mastering my craft. And at some point it was a very natural decision - I want this to be my main job!

Was it scary? Oh yes!
I was starting a new business, and had to take a big cut, exiting all my last businesses, the level of comfort I was used to, but I loved everything style and real women's transformations so much, that I couldn't do it any other way.

Fast forward to now - as a Personal Stylist and creator of Style Accelerator, I've helped hundreds of women transform their lives through better style. It is my true passion to help women look and feel their absolute best.

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On a personal note, I have a Bachelor and Master's Degree in International Business. While doing part of my graduate degree in Brazil, in 2010 I met my now husband. We've worked and lived all over the world in the past 10 years (from Germany, France to Bali and USA and many other countries), and are now living in between Spain and Switzerland.

In my free time, I do a lot of sports (I love cycling, running, gym, pilates and badminton), take care of my fur baby (we have a shiba-inu doggy) read a lot, go out in nature quite a bit and am always learning something.
How can I help you?
I work with high-achieving women virtually worldwide, helping them supercharge their style, image & wardrobe for next level success.

Style, that makes them look more of who they are, helps them achieve their goals quicker and easier (whether it's a level up in your career or business or attracting the love you want or anything else you desire!), all while building the right image and making the whole process of getting dressed easy, efficient
& joyful.
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